How to Make $5 a Day (17+ EASY Methods)

By Forrest McCall •  Updated: 01/20/24 •  13 min read

Looking to make an extra $5 a day? This seemingly small amount can add up quickly, turning into a significant boost to your budget. Let’s dive into some practical, easy-to-implement strategies that can help you reach this goal.


Some of the best ways to earn $5 a day include:

Take Surveys with Swagbucks


Looking to make extra cash online? Swagbucks offers you this opportunity through simple tasks like taking surveys. It's one of the rewards websites where your opinion earns you points, convertible to gift cards or PayPal cash.

With a vast array of surveys, you can select ones that fit your lifestyle and interests. They're a smart way to use your spare moments, like waiting in line or unwinding at home. As you complete surveys, you accumulate SB points on this GPT website.

After accumulating enough SB, redeem them for free money — whether as gift cards to major retailers or cash back into your PayPal. The best part? You're making extra money doing something that's pretty straightforward. So, give it a shot. Engage in online surveys on Swagbucks and watch your earnings grow. Plus, you'll get $5 completely free!

Watch Videos with InboxDollars


You can earn money online with InboxDollars by watching videos. This platform offers a diverse selection of content including news, entertainment, and lifestyle videos.

InboxDollars rewards you with cash for each video playlist you watch. Although earnings per playlist can range, it adds up.

Signing up for InboxDollars gets you a free $5 sign-up bonus. Then you can start earning extra cash right away.

Video inventory updates daily, so if you run out of videos, check back the next day or so, it's that easy.

Playing games and taking surveys on InboxDollars are also ways to increase your earnings. Combine these activities and you can easily make $5 a day or more.

Complete Focus Groups with Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

You can make extra money by participating in focus groups with Survey Junkie. This platform is a reputable survey site that lets you earn cash for sharing opinions.

When you log in to Survey Junkie, look for focus group opportunities. These are like in-depth surveys that pay more for your time. You could earn significantly more than $5 a day if you qualify.

Remember, focus groups can be competitive. Check your email often for invites. Joining fast can increase your odds of getting a spot and earning those big payouts.

Lastly, you can easily cash out your earnings once you hit the payout threshold. Survey Junkie makes it straightforward to collect your money and get paid for your time, which is why I love it.

Try Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a platform where you can earn money online by completing short surveys. Making $5 a day can be straightforward with their variety of survey options. As you take surveys, you collect points which are redeemable for cash or gift cards.

You might find surveys that suit your interests and expertise, since Opinion Outpost covers a broad range of topics. Typically, surveys range from $0.50 to $5 each depending on the length and complexity.

Cashing out is convenient too. Once you reach $10 via PayPal or $5 for gift cards, you can redeem your earnings. So, within a couple of days, or even in a day if you're dedicated, you can easily make $5.

Just sign up, complete surveys, and watch your balance grow. Opinion Outpost can be a quick way to make money online while sharing your views.

Get Paid to Test Websites with UserTesting

You can make money online by testing websites through a platform called UserTesting. The process is straightforward and connects you with companies needing feedback.

When you join UserTesting, you'll review websites, prototypes, and videos. Your insights help businesses improve their digital offerings. In exchange, you earn extra cash.

Each test takes about 20 minutes, and the pay can add up over time. If you're looking to make an extra $5 a day, this can be a viable option. Payments for completed tests are typically made through PayPal.

Remember to give genuine feedback and articulate your thoughts clearly. Your contributions can make a significant impact on user experience improvements while padding your wallet with real money.

Get Paid to Shop with MyPoints


MyPoints gives you a nifty way to earn some cash back while shopping. Signing up is a breeze, and then you're set to start earning. Every time you buy from popular retailers through their portal, you earn points.

Those points you rack up? Well, they turn into gift cards or even PayPal cash. Think of it as making extra money on purchases you'd make anyway. The variety of stores means a lot of your usual shopping can get you points.

Reaching $5 is pretty doable, especially if you're an avid shopper. MyPoints can be a regular part of your online shopping routine, padding your wallet a bit.

Just shop, earn, and redeem. Simple as that.

Try Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) offers a way for you to make $5 a day through various micro tasks online. These tasks range from data entry to completing online surveys. You might find some odd jobs, too. You choose what tasks to work on based on your skills and interests.

To get started, create your MTurk account. Look through the list of available tasks once your account is set up. The tasks you'll find might be simple but they can help you earn some extra cash. Keep in mind that each task pays differently, so you'll need to select ones that add up to your $5 goal.

Some tasks pay a few cents while others might offer more. Your earnings can build up over time, turning your effort into real money. It's a way to use spare moments for a financial boost.

Remember to stay consistent and choose tasks wisely. With a bit of time, you'll understand which tasks are worth your effort for making money online.

Become a Virtual Assistant

You can earn money online by becoming a virtual assistant (VA). This role may involve administrative tasks like managing emails and schedules. It doesn't require you to invest any money to get started, making it perfect for beginners.

Starting as a VA, you could make around $10 to $15 an hour or more.

When you set up your VA business, you can use social media to market your services. Instagram can be especially useful for connecting with new clients.

Aim for consistency in your work to build a reputation. Over time, you'll find that making $5 a day is quite feasible, as your efforts compound into a substantial online income.

Deliver Food with Doordash

Looking to make a quick $5 to $10 a day? Consider signing up with Doordash. It's a go-to app for easy food delivery gigs. Most users can earn cash by delivering lunch or dinner orders.

You're in control of your schedule, so you can dash whenever it fits into your day. Generally, you can expect to earn something like $19 an hour, but just a couple of short deliveries could get you that daily $5.

Sign up through the app, meet simple requirements, and get started. Make use of cash back apps while you buy your own lunch. Even small earnings count, and soon, you could see that extra cash add up.

Deliver Groceries with Instacart

If you're looking to make extra money, consider delivering groceries with Instacart. You can earn cash by shopping at local stores and delivering items to customers' doorsteps.

To start, sign up on the Instacart app. Choose hours that work for you, making it a flexible way to earn. Some days, you can earn over $30 a day or more.

You get paid per delivery and can earn more through tips. Payments are weekly, so you can quickly see your earnings.

Just grab your smartphone, sign up, and you're set to start earning with each trip to the grocery store.

Drive for Amazon Flex

If you're looking to make an extra $5 a day, Amazon Flex could be your ticket. Driving for Amazon Flex, you deliver packages and can earn a decent per-hour rate.

You need a few things to get started: a valid driver's license, a mid-size or larger vehicle, and a smartphone. Once you've got these, you can apply if you're 21 or older.

Earnings vary but you could make $18-25 per hour before expenses. Keep in mind, this is before taking into account costs like gas and vehicle maintenance. The real take-home pay might be less.

With daily efforts, reaching that $5 a day goal is achievable. Just pick up a delivery block and you're on your way to earn cash back in your pocket. Remember, this is a flexible gig; you choose when you work. So, grab your keys, and let’s make today pay.

Try Freelance Writing

If you're searching for ways to make $5 daily, consider freelance writing. It's a path many take to generate income online. As a freelancer, you create content for various clients and get paid per piece or word.

Start by setting up a profile on freelance job boards. These platforms connect you with potential clients. Remember, building a portfolio is part of the process, showcasing your best work.

With consistent effort, you'll find clients willing to pay for your writing services. Sometimes, gigs pay daily.

Persistence is key. Rejection is common, but don't let it discourage you. Improve your craft, and you'll soon land assignments that contribute to your daily earnings goal. Freelance writing isn't just about earning; it's about polishing your skills and finding your niche in the vast online market.

Virtual assistant work may sometimes overlap with writing tasks, offering you more ways to reach your daily earning target. Keep your options open, and explore.

Consider Proofreading

Looking to make some extra cash online? Think about proofreading. You don't need much to start; a keen eye for detail and a good grasp of grammar will do.

Proofreading services are in demand. Students, writers, and businesses seek help with their written material. Websites like Kibin and Proofreading Pal offer gigs that pay per word. You can earn bonuses for swift turnarounds and high-quality work.

Set your rates competitively. Keep yours in line with the market standard, and gradually increase as you gain more experience.

You can make a steady $5 a day or even more. Remember, consistency is key. The more you proofread, the more you earn. So, if you're good with words, give proofreading a shot. It could be your ticket to earning that daily extra cash online.

Create a YouTube Channel

Starting on YouTube is a straightforward path to earn money online. You can sign into your YouTube account, or create a new one if needed.

Once logged in, navigate to your channel list. To kick things off, select “Create a new channel.” You could use a Brand Account if you have one, but remember, one channel per Brand Account is the rule.

Your channel’s name should echo your brand identity.

Customizing your channel comes next. Add a compelling profile picture, channel description, and cover art. These visuals are crucial—they entice viewers to stick around and explore your content.

Lastly, create and upload your first video. Keep it engaging and aligned with the content you plan to create. Consistency is vital, so map out a content calendar to follow. Stay persistent, and earning those $5 a day will soon be within your grasp.

Transcription Work

If you're keen on making an extra $5 a day, consider transcription work. It involves converting audio files to text. You listen to recordings and type out what you hear. Transcription jobs are plentiful online, and many do not require previous experience.

Start by signing up with a transcription service. Some sites offer work to beginners. They might pay per audio minute or hour. Earnings vary, but making $5 a day is achievable with consistent effort.

You might also come across online surveys while searching for transcription jobs. These can supplement your income. Juggle both to diversify how you make extra money from home.

Remember, good grammar and fast typing boost your earnings. Start small and scale up as you hone your skills. With time, transcription could yield more than just extra cash—it could become a steady income stream for you.

Data Entry

Data entry is a straightforward way to make money online. You simply enter information into a system. It’s that simple. You don’t need much to start, just a computer and attention to detail.

Sites offer data entry jobs based on your typing speed and accuracy. The pay varies depending on the task complexity and your skill level. Some sites pay around $5 per 1000 keystrokes.

To begin, look for reputable platforms. They give you micro tasks that, once completed, add up to extra cash.

Consider the commitment. It’s flexible, but regularity can earn you a steady side income.

Watch your earnings grow. $5 a day is achievable with persistence. Remember to track your work and earnings to meet your daily goal.

Start Blogging

Blogging can be a solid strategy to earn extra cash. You start by picking a niche, something you're keen on or have knowledge about. Then get a blog up and running. Don't worry; it's simpler than it sounds with loads of guides out there.

Next, it's about content. Share your insights, be consistent, and make your posts engaging. With time and effort, your audience grows.

Now, making money kicks in. Ads, affiliate marketing, or selling digital products can be your go-to. Even with fluctuating ad revenue and affiliate sales, steady content can lead to a stable income.

Lastly, remember it's a gradual process. Don't expect overnight success but stay persistent. Your $5 a day goal can potentially turn into much more.

Work as an Affiliate Marketer

Want to easily earn $5 a day? Consider affiliate marketing. You'll promote products and get a commission on sales.

Start by choosing a niche that interests you.

Then, sign up for an affiliate program. Amazon Associates is user-friendly for beginners. Some programs offer commissions for every sale while others might offer ongoing commissions for purchases made later. For instance, you might get 1% to 20% from a single purchase.

I recommend you focus on items you know about. This lets you give personal insights when you sell items. You can social media or a blog to share your affiliate links.

Be sure to track your sales daily. A few sales can easily make you $5 or even $10 fast. Remember, consistency matters. Keep at it, and your daily earnings can grow.

Final Thoughts

Earning an extra $5 a day might seem modest, but it's a step towards greater financial freedom. By exploring these methods and incorporating them into your daily routine, you're not just earning extra cash – you're cultivating habits that can lead to even more money in the future. Keep experimenting, stay consistent, and watch your savings grow!

Forrest McCall

Forrest is passionate about helping others grow their passive income streams so they can reach financial freedom. He has been quoted in many popular finance publications including Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and more.