Passive Income for Single Moms (15 EASY Ideas!)

By Forrest McCall •  Updated: 10/14/23 •  8 min read

Are you a single mom looking to make passive income?

Check out these simple ideas to start making money while you sleep! Let's dig in!

1. Blogging

Blogging can be a great passive income source for single moms for a few reasons.

To start, all you'll need a website, a laptop, and a reliable internet connection. You can choose an educational or community-focused niche that resonates with your interests and experiences as a mom.

With a dedicated following, you can monetize your blog through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or display ads, and earn a significant amount of passive income each month.

I know many bloggers who make $350 a day or more from their blogs!

2. Invest in Real Estate with Arrived

Investing in real estate can be a great way to generate passive income, leading to financial freedom and stability for single moms like you.

Arrived offers an easy way to invest in single-family residences and vacation rentals, allowing you to earn income through quarterly dividends or appreciation from increased property value.

Arrived Homes Investing

Best of all, you only need $100 to get started!

Their platform makes it simple and accessible, providing an excellent opportunity to enhance your financial portfolio and make passive income each month.

3. Invest in the Stock Market with Acorns

Investing in the stock market can be an effective way to develop passive income and work towards financial freedom for single moms. Acorns is a user-friendly app designed to help you invest without much hassle or effort.

And you can get started with just $5! And as a bonus, they're offering a free $20 when you make your first deposit!

Acorns Investing

While investing in the stock market isn't a get rich scheme, it's a great way to build wealth and earn money without working.

4. Wrap Ads On Your Car

Looking for another easy passive income idea?

Considering wrapping your car with ads!

Companies are willing to pay you for advertising their products or services on your vehicle.

The process is simple: sign up with a reputable car wrap advertising app, such as Wrapify, and choose from different wrapping options.

The more you drive, the more potential income you can generate – up to $452 per month. This is an easy way to make extra cash while going about your daily routine. Use this passive income strategy to support your financial goals and make the most of your time on the road.

5. Sell Stock Photos

Selling stock photos is a great way for single moms to make money passively.

Your photography skills can generate income as you upload photos onto stock photo websites, offering your images for sale online. All you need is a decent camera and an eye for a great shot and you can start earning in no time.

Some popular stock photo sites include Shutterstock, iStock, and Adobe Stock. When someone purchases your photos, you earn a small commission. This can be a flexible side hustle that works around your schedule while potentially generating a continuous stream of income.

6. Rent Out a Room

If you have an extra room in your home, consider renting it out on platforms like Airbnb or VRBO.

This can be a great way to earn extra cash and create passive income for single moms and you can set your own availability and pricing to fit your needs and schedule.

Renting out a room can provide the financial flexibility you need, all while staying at home and caring for your family. Remember to follow local regulations and guidelines when offering your space for rent, and ensure your guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

7. Sell a Product Online

There are various ways to leverage your creativity and online platforms to generate passive income as a single mom.

For example, you could start by selling handmade crafts on Etsy, where your unique creations can find an eager customer base. Another option is eBay, which allows you to sell both handmade and secondhand items.

For localized selling, turn to Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to cater to potential buyers in your area.

If you're considering building your own brand, Shopify provides a platform to create an online store, giving you control over your products and the way you market them.

8. Create a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel can be a fantastic side hustle idea for single moms looking to create passive income and it can be fun.

By creating and sharing engaging content, you can build a community of loyal subscribers. As your audience grows, you'll generate revenue through ads displayed on your videos or through affiliate marketing.

Consistency is key when building your channel.

Focus on topics you're passionate and knowledgeable about, producing clear and well-structured videos. Remember, patience and persistence are essential as you gradually attract more viewers and establish your channel as a reliable source of income.

9. Start a Podcast

Starting a podcast can be a great side hustle idea for single moms looking for flexibility and a source of passive income.

Since podcasts can be recorded and produced at your convenience, you can fit this side hustle into your schedule.

Once you have a solid base of episodes, your podcast can continue to generate income through sponsorships and advertisements even when you're not actively working on new episodes. Podcasting allows you to share your passion and knowledge with others, while also creating a potential revenue stream that doesn't require your constant attention.

10. Sell Ebooks

Have you ever thought about becoming an author?

Why not create an eBook!?

You can utilize your knowledge and passion on a particular subject to create engaging content. Self-publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing allow you to easily reach a wide audience.

Remember to carefully edit and format your ebook to ensure a professional appearance. Marketing efforts, such as social media promotion and email campaigns, will help increase sales and generate extra cash. With the initial work completed, your ebook can continue to provide passive income as readers purchase it throughout time.

11. Sell Printables

Looking for a way to earn extra cash as a single mom?

Selling printables is a great option that I'm a big fan of.

You can create and sell digital products, such as planners, worksheets, or wall art, on platforms like Etsy or Amazon KDP.

You'll just have to design your printables, set a price, and list them for sale. Your customers will download the files and print them at home, eliminating the need for shipping and inventory management. With this passive income stream, you can focus on creating new designs while your established products generate earnings.

Check out the video below for more passive income ideas!

12. Open a High Yield Savings Account

One effective way to generate passive income and achieve financial stability as a single mom is to open a high-yield savings account.

These accounts typically offer interest rates much higher than traditional savings accounts, allowing you to make extra cash while maintaining easy access to your funds.

By choosing a high-yield savings account, your money will grow over time, providing a stream of passive income that can help you reach your financial goals. To make the most of this opportunity, compare accounts and look for those with higher annual percentage yields (APYs). With the right choice, you can be on your way to financial freedom and ensure a more secure future for yourself and your children.

13. Become a Social Media Influencer

Becoming a social media influencer can be a rewarding passive income opportunity for single moms.

Your main focus will be on platforms like Instagram, where you can showcase your interests, skills, and personal brand. As your following grows, you can leverage affiliate marketing to recommend products and services in exchange for a commission.

Additionally, you can generate income through sponsored posts where brands pay to create content that highlights their products or services. With consistency and dedication to expanding your presence, social media influencing offers an excellent opportunity to make money on your terms.

14. Sell Online Courses

Online courses are an excellent way for single moms to earn passive income. By leveraging your knowledge and expertise, you can create educational content and sell it on platforms like Teachable, Udemy, and Skillshare.

Start by identifying your areas of expertise, then develop a curriculum and create engaging lessons. Some options include video lectures, interactive activities, and quizzes.

Once you're ready, upload your courses to the chosen platform, set a pricing strategy, and promote your work through social media and email marketing. As students enroll, you'll generate a steady stream of income while providing valuable skills and education to others.

15. Rent Out Things You Own

Depending on what you own, there's a good chance you might be able to rent your possessions out for cash.

This is a super easy way to make passive income, but it depends on what you own.

For example, here are some items you can rent online:

Final Thoughts

Making money as a single mom can be a challenge, but there are plenty of passive income ideas to help you start earning.

I recommend trying a few ideas and seeing which ones work best for your needs.

While you might not start making money overnight, remember to stick with it and trust the process to start earning.

Forrest McCall

Forrest is passionate about helping others grow their passive income streams so they can reach financial freedom. He has been quoted in many popular finance publications including Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and more.