13+ Ways to Make $350 a Day (Is It Possible?)

By Forrest McCall •  Updated: 10/06/23 •  9 min read

Making $350 is quite the income. That tallies up to over $10,000 a month in earnings. Not bad!

But is it possible, and how can you reach this level?

I've put together some of the best ways to make 350 dollars a day or more. Let's get into it!

Here's the quick rundown:

1. Start a Blog

Starting a blog can be an excellent way to earn money and potentially reach your goal of making $350 a day. Choose a niche that interests you and share your knowledge with an audience. By creating engaging content, you can generate income through various methods, such as affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and Google Adsense.

To start your blog, consider using a self-hosted WordPress platform, which allows for more customization and control. Find a reliable web hosting company, such as Siteground, to host your blog. Once set up, focus on producing quality content and promoting your blog.

As your blog gains popularity, opportunities for freelance writing may arise, which can supplement your income and help you achieve your daily earnings goal. With dedication and effort, blogging can transform from a side hustle into a significant source of passive income.

2. Freelance

Freelancing can be a lucrative side hustle to help you earn $350 a day or more. With platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, you can connect with clients looking for your skills.

As a freelance writer, you can charge hourly rates or per project pricing – some professionals make $350/hour or more! Explore your options in the gig economy and find freelance work online that suits your talents and interests.

With dedication and smart marketing, your income can grow, and even become a source of passive earnings. Remember to manage your finances, set aside money for bills and taxes, and maintain a sustainable balance between your work and personal life.

3. Work Odd Jobs

If you're looking to earn extra income, consider working odd jobs in the gig economy. Platforms like TaskRabbit and Instacart offer an abundance of opportunities, from delivering groceries to performing various tasks in your community. By participating in these part-time jobs, you can make money while enjoying the flexibility to create your schedule.

To further increase your earnings, explore different freelancing platforms for work such as graphic design, content writing, or coding. Combining skills and various gig economy jobs will help you reach your goal of making $350 daily.

Remember, if you're dedicated and strategic, working odd jobs can turn into a profitable side hustle, generating a great income whether you want to make $100 in 30 minutes or more.

4. Start a Profitable Business

In your quest to earn $350 a day, consider starting a profitable small business as a side hustle. This can be an amazing way to reach your goal and even double your money in 15 days.

One option is a pressure washing business. With minimal start-up costs, you can offer your services to residential and commercial clients and make a decent income.

Another idea is a car detailing business. Begin by offering your car cleaning and maintenance services within your community, and gradually expand your client base. As your business grows, consider reinvesting some of your profits or applying for grants to purchase advanced equipment and improve your services.

With dedication and smart marketing, your small business can generate substantial income and even become a passive income source, helping you achieve your financial goals.

5. Start a Few Side Hustles

Earning $350 a day can be achievable by diving into multiple side hustles.

One option is participating in the gig economy, which offers part-time jobs like driving for rideshare services or delivering orders for platforms like DoorDash. Balancing a couple of these jobs allows you to earn money flexibly on your schedule.

Another approach is to generate passive income through investments, rental properties, or creating digital products that can be sold repeatedly.

Additionally, seek out freelance opportunities that match your skillset, such as photography, graphic design, or writing. These jobs can increase your overall income while letting you diversify your work.

By combining both active and passive side hustles, you can boost your daily earnings and open up new avenues of experience and growth.

Not sure what side hustles to start? Check out these!

6. Start a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is an effective way to earn money as a side hustle. You can generate passive income by attracting a large audience to watch your content

You'll need to consistently upload quality videos that engage viewers. As your subscriber count grows, monetize your channel through Google AdSense and YouTube ads, which generate income based on views and ad interactions. Stay persistent, and soon you'll witness returns on your efforts, potentially making up to $350 a day or more.

7. Flip Things

Flipping items is a proven method to earn extra income. By purchasing low-cost items and selling them for a profit, you can potentially make up to $350 a day.

Start by browsing platforms like eBay and Craigslist for cheap products, focusing on items like furniture, electronics, and clothing.

Once you have sourced your items, make the necessary improvements or repairs to increase their value. Then, list your items on various online marketplaces, such as eBay and Poshmark, incorporating detailed descriptions and pictures for an eye-catching listing.

With consistent effort, flipping items could become a profitable side hustle or even a passive income source—boosting your overall earnings and allowing you to achieve your financial goals.

8. Build an App

Investing your time in building an app can be a lucrative side hustle, eventually generating a passive income source. Start by identifying a problem you want your app to solve or assessing user demands that haven't been met in the market.

To create your app, you can use DIY app builders like Jotform for no-code solutions or learn to utilize Power Apps for more advanced features. Customize the design to match your branding and ensure user-friendliness.

To earn money from your app, consider implementing in-app purchases, subscription models, or advertising. Promote your app using social media and other marketing channels. As your app grows in popularity, your income potential will increase, bringing you closer to that $350 a day.

9. Open an Online Store

One cool way to earn $350 a day is by opening an online store.

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that makes it easy to set up and manage your digital shop. Determine your target market, source or create products to sell, and optimize your site to attract customers.

With dedication, smart marketing strategies, and a user-friendly website, you can turn your online store into a profitable venture. Combine e-commerce sales and affiliate marketing, and you have the potential to reach your $350 a day goal.

Here's a great video explaining how to start an online store!

10. Start a Podcast

Starting a podcast is a great way to generate income and build a side hustle.

First, choose a topic or niche that you are passionate about and knowledgeable in. Plan your podcast format, which could be interview-style, storytelling, or educational. Equip yourself with a microphone, recording software, and editing tools to produce high-quality audio content.

To earn money from your podcast, consider partnering with advertisers for sponsored content or episodes. Additionally, you can offer exclusive content or bonus episodes through a subscription-based model or launch a Patreon account.

You can grow your audience by promoting on social media, collaborating with other podcasters, and utilizing SEO techniques to increase visibility. Be consistent, patient, and always ready to evolve and learn for your podcast's success.

11. Start Investing in Stocks with Acorns

Looking to earn extra money and achieve your financial goals?

Acorns can be an ideal option to make money and build wealth over time.

Acorns is an investing app that helps you start investing in stocks with just a few dollars. By linking your bank account, Acorns rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the change into a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds.

Acorns offers a beginner-friendly approach through its pre-built portfolios. By consistently investing your spare change and sticking to a long-term strategy, you can supplement your income and reach your financial goals. Just remember, while investing offers the potential for higher rewards, it also comes with risks.

12. Invest in Real Estate with Arrived

Looking to earn money and diversify your income sources? Consider investing in real estate with Arrived Homes.

Arrived Homes Investing

With a low minimum investment of just $100, you can purchase shares of ownership in rental properties and collect quarterly rental income. This side hustle offers you the opportunity to benefit from dividend yields and future property appreciation.

Arrived focuses exclusively on residential real estate and handles all property management details for you. By investing with Arrived, you can create a steady passive income stream while also diversifying your investment portfolio in multiple real estate properties and markets.

13. Become a Social Media Influencer

Becoming a social media influencer is one of the more powerful ways to make $350 a day.

First, select your niche that you're passionate about and have expertise. Consistently create engaging content for your audience on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

Focus on building authentic relationships with your followers. As your community grows, businesses may reach out to you for product promotions. You can earn money through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, or promoting your products. Mastering the art of live streaming can also help you captivate audiences and boost your income.

Remember, it takes time and persistence to succeed. Put effort into refining your skills and strategically growing your presence to maximize your income potential as a social media influencer.

Final Thoughts

So, is it possible to make 350 dollars a day?


But it might not be easy!

Between starting a side hustle, opening a business, or blogging – there are several proven methods to start making money during your free time.

Forrest McCall

Forrest is passionate about helping others grow their passive income streams so they can reach financial freedom. He has been quoted in many popular finance publications including Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and more.