12+ Places to Sell Funko Pops (2024)

By Forrest McCall •  Updated: 11/30/23 •  9 min read

If you own Funko Pops and want to make some extra cash – selling them is a great idea. You'll be surprised how much some of them can be worth! But some places are better than others. If you're wondering where to sell Funko Pops – give these places a try!


Some of the best places to sell Funko Pops include:

  • eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist
  • Apps like Mercari or OfferUp

1. Ebay

When selling your Funko Pops on eBay, you have access to a massive marketplace with a wide range of collectors. To maximize your selling potential, research prices and popular characters to determine the best price to list them at.


Before listing, you'll also want to consider eBay's fees and shipping costs. Be aware that PayPal is often used for transactions, which can incur additional fees. When setting up your auction, you can offer your Funko Pops individually or as lots, grouping similar franchises or characters. This approach can help save on shipping costs and attract collectors interested in building their Funko Pop collection, so I recommend it.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Want to sell your items locally? Facebook Marketplace is an excellent platform for you to sell Funko Pops because of how easy it is to use. It connects you with a large audience and allows you to offer your collection to both local buyers and fans globally.

To start selling, make sure you have clear photographs showcasing their condition and be prepared to negotiate.

This platform is an excellent choice for collectors seeking to expand their reach and connect with fellow Funko Pop enthusiasts. It's free and super easy to use – so I'm a big fan!

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is another convenient platform for selling Funko Pops, as it allows you to connect with local buyers. To begin the process, you can create a listing, including a clear headline, photos, and a description of your Funko Pop collection. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

By following these tips, you can successfully sell your Funko Pops on Craigslist and reach a wider audience of local collectors.

4. Mercari

Mercari is a popular online marketplace for buying and selling various items, including Funko Pops. It is an excellent platform for collectors to expand their collection or sell their unwanted figurines.


To sell your Funko Pops on Mercari, you'll need to create an account and provide accurate descriptions of each item's condition and packaging. High-quality photos also improve your chances of attracting potential buyers.

Bear in mind that Mercari charges a selling fee of 10% on each sale. And remember to factor in shipping costs, as you'll typically be responsible for covering these expenses.

5. Offerup

When selling Funko Pops, Offerup can be another valuable platform that's easy to use. With its focus on local buyers and easy-to-use interface, you can showcase your collectibles with ease. To begin the process, create an account and list your Funko Pops with clear images and simple descriptions.

Since Offerup promotes local sales, you can avoid shipping fees and directly meet your buyers in person – which can make it faster than other platforms.

6. Sell2BBNovelties

Sell2BBNovelties is an excellent platform to consider when you're ready to sell your Funko Pops. They specialize in buying toys and collectibles, including Funko Pop, Beanie Babies, and many other items. Using their website, you can get an instant quote and check the values they're willing to pay.


To sell your Funko Pops on Sell2BBNovelties, simply follow these steps:

  1. Submit your collection details.
  2. Receive a quote for your items.
  3. Choose the trade-in program or sell gift cards option.

Remember, they buy new, old, and rare Funko Pops, ensuring your collection is valued appropriately. By going with Sell2BBNovelties, you will find a hassle-free experience in selling Funko Pops online.

I found that you'll typically get a little bit less by using this platform – but it easier and faster to use because you don't have to deal with people.

7. Buybackworld

BuyBackWorld is an excellent option when you're looking to sell Funko Pops and other collectibles. Their trade-in program offers a simple process: submit a bulk BuyBack form to receive an instant quote for your collection. To start selling, follow these steps:

  1. Visit BuyBackWorld website.
  2. Enter information about your Funko Pops and other items.
  3. Get an instant quote for your collectibles.
  4. Prepare items for shipping with proper packaging.
  5. Send items and track your package.

By using BuyBackWorld, you'll have the opportunity to make money for your treasured collectibles without dealing with excessive fees. Additionally, selling Funko Pops online through BuyBackWorld will save you time and limit hassle.

8. Webuygames

Webuygames is a platform that specializes in buying and selling various collectibles, including Funko Pops. When considering where to sell your Funko Pop collection, this platform is a viable option due to their straightforward process and competitive prices.

To sell your Funko Pops on Webuygames, ensure they are in good condition as this affects the prices you can fetch. Prepare a detailed list of the items in your collection to make it easier for potential buyers to understand exactly which items you're selling.

Keep in mind that fees may apply when using the Webuygames platform; however, the convenience and access to a broad range of buyers may outweigh these costs.

9. 7 Bucks A Pop

7 Bucks A Pop is a reputable platform to sell your Funko Pops collection for a few reasons. They provide a simple and secure process for selling your collectibles and accept collections with 100 or more Funko Pops meeting specified conditions.

This site makes it extremely easy to sell your collection in bulk, rather than having to sell each piece individually. While you might make a little less than other platforms, this is super easy.

10. Amazon

Amazon is another great platform to sell Funko Pops. Using Amazon can help you reach a wider audience of collectors across the country and it's super easy to get started.

To begin the selling process, create a seller account on Amazon and properly list your Funko Pops with accurate descriptions of their condition.

Keep in mind that Amazon charges various fees depending on your selling plan. To make sure you receive a fair price for your collectibles, always research the market prices of similar Funko Pops to set competitive rates.

When selling on Amazon, pay special attention to your packaging, ensuring your items are securely packaged to prevent damage during shipment.

11. Toytastik

Toytastik is a retailer that specializes in action figures, Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures, statues, and premium toys. Established in 2009, they have a strong reputation and experience in buying and selling collectibles. Their first Funko exclusive was the Unmasked Wolverine in 2013.

If you're looking to sell your Funko Pop collection, you can confidently consider Toytastik as an option. Reach out to them via email to inquire about their pricing and buying process. As a collector, you might also find interesting items to add to your collection when browsing their online store.

12. Collector Conventions

Attending collector conventions is a fantastic option for selling your Funko Pops. These events gather numerous fans and enthusiasts, creating the perfect marketplace for limited edition and pop culture collectibles.

At conventions, you can showcase your collection to a wide audience, likely eager to find specific character pieces or valuable items. Be sure to research current market prices, assessing the worth of your Funko Pops, to set fair and competitive prices.

Conventions offer a unique and dynamic environment to connect with fellow collectors and sell your high-end Funko Pops.

Tips for Selling Funko Pops

When selling Funko Pops, knowledge and presentation are key.

Start by researching the rarity and market value of each item. This ensures you price your Pops accurately and get the most for them. Stay open to negotiations but know the worth of your collection to ensure a fair deal.

Additionally, high-quality, clear photos are crucial for online listings; they should showcase the condition and any unique features of the figures. You should also write detailed descriptions, including the edition, box condition, and any rare attributes.

Consider the right platform for your audience; eBay and Facebook Marketplace are great for a wide reach, while niche platforms like 7 Bucks A Pop cater to serious collectors.

Finally, always factor in shipping costs and packaging needs to ensure your Pops arrive safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are reliable online platforms to sell Funko Pops?

eBay is a popular platform for selling Funko Pops, with many potential collectors among its extensive user base. Alternatively, you can apply to become an official Funko reseller if you have a physical store or online seller website.

How can I determine the value of my Funko Pops?

Determining the value of Funko Pops can be challenging due to the unpredictable market. Factors to consider include the Pop's condition, rarity, and demand. Researching recent sales of similar Pops and checking price guides can provide an estimate of your Pop's worth.

Are there specific marketplaces for selling rare or bulk Funko Pops?

Yes, there are dedicated Funko Pop marketplaces for selling rare or bulk collectibles. Joining such marketplaces can help you find interested collectors and sell your Pops at a competitive price. However, remember that your earnings depend on factors like the Pop's condition and rarity.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of places you can sell Funko Pops to make money. Some of my favorites include eBay, Facebook Marketplace and online platforms like Mercari or OfferUp.

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