9 Best Jobs That Pay $1000 an Hour (2024)

By Forrest McCall •  Updated: 11/30/23 •  5 min read

Looking for jobs that pay $1000 an hour or more? While they might be hard to find, I'll uncover some of the best jobs you can find!


Some of the top jobs that pay $1,000 an hour include:

  • Investment banking
  • Entrepreneur or business owner
  • Specialty doctors

1. Investment Banker

Investment banking is among the top jobs that can pay $1000 an hour or more. To excel in this job, your attention to detail and efficiency are crucial. Your primary responsibilities would involve helping companies raise capital, advising on mergers and acquisitions, and providing strategic financial advice.

Bonuses and performance-based incentives can significantly increase your earnings. However, the high salary comes with its challenges, including long work hours, high-pressure situations, and competition.

When striving for success as an investment banker, be prepared to navigate a demanding career in return for the potential of earning $1000 an hour or more.

2. Entrepreneur

Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur is another option to earn $1000 an hour.

While this is different than a traditional job, it can be an amazing opportunity to make a living without having a boss. Unlike traditional jobs with fixed salaries, entrepreneurship is driven by the creation and growth of one’s own business venture.

There are tons of potential business ideas you can consider, from online businesses to service based businesses. I highly recommend starting a business that you're passionate about and understand to better your chances of success.

There's no doubt that becoming an entrepreneur isn't the easiest career. It requires a significant amount of work, patience, and effort.

3. Specialty Doctors

Many specialty doctors can earn $1,000 an hour for their work. For example, anesthesiologists are known for their high earnings, managing pain and vital functions during surgeries.

Doctor Salary

Orthodontists also enjoy generous pay scales, specializing in correcting teeth and jaw misalignments. Although it may not be as high as $1,000 an hour, their hourly rates are still notably higher than many other professions.

4. Hedge Fund Manager

A Hedge Fund Manager is one of the most lucrative jobs that can pay $1000 an hour or more.

Managing investment portfolios for high net worth clients, you analyze market trends, risk assessments, and develop investment strategies to grow wealth. Your compensation often includes a base salary and performance-based bonuses, which can reach millions per year.

In order to become a hedge fund manager, you need strong analytical skills, financial expertise, and an in-depth understanding of global markets. In most cases, a background in finance or economics and relevant industry experience are required to succeed in this high-pressure, high-stakes role.

5. Venture Capitalist

As a venture capitalist, your earnings can be substantial and potentially reach $1000 per hour. In this role, your primary responsibility is to vet and invest in promising start-ups and early-stage companies in exchange for equity. Your ability to identify opportunities and secure profitable investments will directly impact your earnings.

Successful venture capitalists often have a strong background in finance, business, or technology. For this career, valuable skills include networking, evaluating business plans, and negotiating deals. Although the risks are high, the rewards can be immense if your investment choices become successful enterprises.

6. Corporate Lawyer

As a corporate lawyer, you can earn a significant income, with some top professionals making around $1000 an hour.

To reach this level, you'll need to focus on building your expertise and reputation in the industry. Your clients will value (and pay) for your ability to provide legal services related to mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate matters that can mean millions to their company.

You can also take advantage of incentives to boost your income, such as bonuses and profit-sharing arrangements. By continuing to hone your skills and deliver results, you will grow your client base and expand your network, potentially leading to more opportunities and higher hourly rates.

7. Athletes

As a professional athlete, it's certainly possible to earn over $1,000 an hour.

This typically occurs in sports with substantial media attention and lucrative contracts, like basketball, football, or soccer.

Your salary depends on factors such as performance, endorsements, and sponsorships. Besides playing sports, you can also explore opportunities in the entertainment industry, such as acting or commentating.

Keep in mind, there is variability in income depending on your skill level and fame. It can be very challenging to become a top-tier athlete – but it is possible.

8. Influencers

In the entertainment industry, influencers can earn up to $1,000 an hour through acting, endorsements, and sponsored content.

The key is to build a strong digital presence through various platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube and grow a passionate audience.

While this isn't the easiest job by any means – it can be lucrative if you can grow your audience.

9. Engineers

Software architects and engineers are among the top engineering professionals who can earn up to $1,000 an hour.

Their efficiency and prowess in designing software systems make them highly sought after in the industry. Attention to detail and an ability to create innovative solutions contribute to their high demand and exceptional pay rates.

You must possess strong technical skills, fluid communication, and problem-solving abilities to excel in this career.

Final Thoughts

While jobs that pay thousands per hour certainly don't go on trees – they are out there! For example, working as an investment banker, hedge fund manager, or specialty doctor can all be amazing jobs that pay well.

Forrest McCall

Forrest is passionate about helping others grow their passive income streams so they can reach financial freedom. He has been quoted in many popular finance publications including Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and more.