15+ Quick Ways to Make $800 Fast (2024)

By Forrest McCall •  Updated: 01/22/24 •  12 min read

Need to make $800 fast? Give these options a try to get the money you need!


Some of the best ways to make $800 fast include:

Take Out a Loan with Zippyloan

If you need to make $800 fast, taking out a personal loan with ZippyLoan can be a practical option. You'll want to consider the speed and convenience it offers as you can often get your money within the same day.


You should know that ZippyLoan isn't a lender itself but a marketplace connecting borrowers with lenders. This means you have a higher chance of finding a loan that fits your needs. I recommend checking their website, where the application process is straightforward, often taking just a few minutes to complete.

Be sure to review the loan details carefully before agreeing, as terms and interest rates vary. Loans can range from $100 to $15,000, which I love for its flexibility.

When you're in a pinch, ZippyLoan is a simple solution I suggest for quick funding. Remember, loans are a responsibility, so you need to manage them wisely.

Sell Things You Own

When you need to make $800 fast in 2 days or less, I recommend starting with what you have at home. Look around and gather items you no longer use. You'll be surprised how much money you might have laying around!

Decluttr is a great platform for selling electronics where you can get quick cash for your old phones, tablets, and games.

You'll want to consider listing clothes and accessories on Poshmark. This site specializes in fashion, and it's pretty user-friendly.

For more general items, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are go-to places. They are widely used, which means your stuff could sell quickly.

Remember, pricing items fairly increases your chance of a quick sale, which is why I love staying on top of current market values. Be sure to meet in a public place if conducting sales in person for safety.

Make Money with GPT Sites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, & More

GPT sites offer you the chance to earn cash and rewards from the comfort of your home. Here's how to get closer to your $800 goal.

First, I'm a fan of Swagbucks, which pays you for completing surveys, watching videos, and shopping online. You can earn points to exchange for gift cards or PayPal cash. The earning potential varies, and they often provide a free $5 sign-up bonus.

With InboxDollars, I recommend taking online surveys and reading emails for money. You'll want to check out the variety of tasks available that can contribute to your earnings, and they'll issue payments via check or gift cards once you hit the minimum payout.

Be sure to explore other GPT sites like Rakuten for cash back, Survey Junkie for focus groups, and LifePoints. These sites, which I love for their straightforward tasks, can supplement your income and help you reach your financial target efficiently.

While you probably won't make $800 from GPT sites alone, they can be great ways to boost your income and make some extra money on the side.


Freelancing is a solid strategy to accumulate $800 quickly. You just need to leverage your skills on popular online platforms to make money.

Fiverr is a hotspot for diverse freelance tasks, where you can sell unique services, from graphic design to freelance writing. You'll want to create a compelling profile and packages that outline what you offer so clients can easily hire you.

You can also try Upwork, which I've used in the past. It's simple to use and most of the clients I worked for were easy to work with.

You can also work privately as a freelance and work with clients directly. This oftentimes pays much more than using freelance sites but it can be harder to find clients until you have a solid portfolio of work.

Rent Out Your Car

Renting out your car can be a quick way to earn cash without having to do any work.

There are tons of platforms, but my favorite are Turo or Getaround.

Ensure you understand the terms and conditions laid out by the car-sharing service you choose, which is why it's so important to read the fine print carefully.

I'm recommend setting clear availability times for your vehicle to align with your schedule.

You also need to keep your car in good shape. Regular maintenance checks can lead to a better experience for both you and the renters, which can encourage repeat business.

Remember, the better the condition and availability of your car, the more you can potentially earn. Pricing your vehicle competitively is key to staying on top of demand, so check what others are charging and adjust accordingly.

Whether you want to make $25 a day or even $150 a day – renting out your vehicle can be a great option to make passive income.

Pet Sit with Rover

If you love dogs and need to make money quickly, pet sitting with Rover could be your go-to side hustle.

Rover connects pet sitters with dog owners, which I love because it simplifies the process. You set up a profile, list your services, and get paid to play with dogs for cash.

You'll want to create an attractive profile to draw in dog owners. Include your experience, availability, and rates.

I highly recommend setting competitive prices initially to attract your first clients. Once you have great reviews, you can increase your rates. Keep in mind, Rover does take a percentage of your earnings for providing the platform and support.

Be sure to provide top-notch care to get repeat customers. The better your service, the more clients you’ll get. With dedication, reaching your $800 goal can be both fun and rewarding.

Finally, always communicate transparently with pet owners to build trust and get those five-star ratings.

I try to ensure I'm available for bookings as often as possible to maximize earnings. And while barriers to entry are low, success comes from commitment and quality service.

You should also be prepared for the responsibilities that come with dog sitting. While it's a fun job, it requires time and attention to each dog's needs.

Drive for Uber or Lyft

You want to make money fast? Consider driving for platforms like Uber or Lyft. Have a car and some spare time? That's all you need to get started.

Driving passengers around your city can quickly add up. I recommend taking advantage of surge pricing— Uber's way of encouraging drivers to work in high-demand areas.

You'll want to keep your vehicle clean and fueled. After all, because you can earn tips – you can make even more by having a clean car.

Remember, safety comes first, both for you and your passengers.

You should know, earnings can vary depending on the city and time of day. But with some dedication, hitting that $800 target is within reach.

Do Odd Jobs

I highly recommend looking into odd jobs as a quick way to earn cash.

You should consider tasks like babysitting, which is always in demand. Parents are often in need of reliable sitters, and this can be a source of steady income.

For outdoor enthusiasts, you'll want to tap into yard work. Mowing lawns, raking leaves, or shoveling snow can be lucrative, especially if you're good at it. I'm a fan of this option because it offers fresh air and exercise while you earn.

Be sure to ask around your neighborhood or community centers – word of mouth is a powerful tool. Try to connect with community groups online too, where local gigs are often posted. You'll want to stay proactive and responsive to snag these opportunities.

If you need $800 fast, odd jobs can be a great way to sometimes make $800 in one day.

Deliver Food with Doordash

If you're aiming to make $800 quickly, you should consider Doordash.

As a food delivery service, they offer you the flexibility to deliver groceries and takeout.

You'll want to make use of peak hours, typically meal times and weekends, to maximize earnings. This is when customer demand spikes, and you can earn more per delivery.

I recommend keeping an eye on the app for any special promotions or bonuses. These can significantly boost your income.

I recommend you spend time planning routes efficiently to save time and fuel. You need to be strategic about the orders you accept to make the most money.

Also, be sure to give excellent service which can lead to better tips.

Delivering with Doordash is not just about driving; it's about smart hustling, which is why I love it. With a bit of effort, you can hit that $800 mark faster than you think.

Deliver Groceries with Instacart

If you need to make $800 quickly, I recommend trying out Instacart.

This platform lets you earn by shopping for and delivering groceries, which I love for its flexibility. You make your own schedule, so you can work as much or as little as you want to reach your financial goals.

Instacart pays shoppers for each order they complete, so your earning potential scales with your commitment. I'm a fan of this gig because it's straightforward and has straightforward earning potential.

To start, you'll want to sign up on the Instacart app and get approved. Be sure to meet all the requirements, like having a reliable vehicle.

Once you're set up, I try to maximize earnings by picking peak shopping times. You should prioritize speedy shopping and delivery to ensure the best experience for customers, which in turn can lead to better tips.

Remember, the faster you complete orders, the more orders you can take, which leads to more money in your pocket.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog is a solid strategy for generating income online, and I recommend using a platform like SiteGround for hosting. It's user-friendly and cost-effective.

First, you'll want to pick a niche you're passionate about, as authenticity tends to attract readers.

Writing high-quality content will be your primary focus. Regular posts keep your audience engaged. I try to ensure that each post adds value, whether through information, entertainment, or both. Don't just post for the sake of posting!

Monetizing your blog can be done in multiple ways, but I'm a fan of affiliate marketing. It allows you to earn money by promoting products you trust.

You should also network with other bloggers to grow your audience. This is where quality content helps the most, as it increases the likelihood of shares and backlinks.

You must be patient when it comes to blogging.

Blogging isn't a quick fix but can be quite rewarding over time. I've found it to be a fulfilling way to earn and share what I love.

While you likely won't make $800 in a day or week, I know several bloggers who can reach that number in a few months!

Become a Virtual Assistant

If you're looking to make $800 quickly, becoming a virtual assistant can be a smart move.

Virtual assistants perform a variety of tasks depending on your skills and interests. For example, it could be editing content, responding to emails, or posting on social media.

Next up, you need to decide on the services you're equipped to offer. I highly recommend including any administrative, social media management, or content creation skills you have. These are always in high demand.

I suggest setting competitive rates to attract your first clients. Remember, as you gain experience, you can always increase your rates.

One aspect which I've found crucial is creating a portfolio. Try to showcase your best work and include client testimonials, which helps in landing new gigs.

Finally, be proactive in marketing yourself. I'm a fan of using social media and freelance platforms to connect with potential clients.

Whether your goal is to make $700 fast or $800 – working as a VA can be a great idea.

Start Proofreading

If you're aiming to make $800 quickly, consider proofreading. Proofreading jobs offer flexibility and can often be done remotely. You'll need to have an eye for detail and a solid grasp of grammar and spelling but that's about it.

You can utilize various online platforms to showcase your proofreading skills. LinkedIn and freelance websites are great places to network and find clients. You should be ready to handle different types of content, which is why I love this line of work; it's diverse.

As always, start out by setting a competitive rate for your services. Most proofreaders can earn between $20 to $30 per hour, so reaching your $800 goal is feasible with dedication and some good clients. Be sure to consistently deliver quality work to build a reputation that can lead to more opportunities.

Ask Friends and Family for Money

When you're in a pinch, reaching out to friends and family can be one of the quickest ways to raise cash.

You'll want to approach the topic sensitively; honesty about why you need the money can help clear any awkwardness. Explain the situation and how you plan to pay them back. Be sure to set clear terms for repayment from the start to avoid any misunderstandings later on.

When asking, select who to approach wisely. You need to consider their financial situation too.

Remember, this is not a long-term solution but can help you in a tight situation and is an easy way to get $800 fast.

Start a Service Based Business

Starting your own business in a service-based niche is a rapid way to hit your financial goals.

First, you'll want to identify a skill or expertise that's in high demand and consider launching a side business offering those services.

For example, people always need landscaping services – so if you enjoy the outdoors, this could be a great business to start.

Be sure to leverage your network for initial clients. Word of mouth can be a powerful tool to get your service-based business up and running.

Remember, the key is to offer something valuable where there's a clear need.

You also need to market yourself effectively. You can utilize social media, local advertising, and professional networking sites to highlight your offerings.

Starting a service business requires hustle, but it’s a proven path to earn $800 quickly.

Final Thoughts

Need to make $800 fast? There are plenty of ways to reach your goal, but some of the best include:

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