11+ Ways to Double 5000 Dollars (2024)

By Forrest McCall •  Updated: 02/11/24 •  9 min read

If you want to double $5,000 – there are plenty of methods worth exploring. Here are some of the best.


Some of the best ways to double 5000 dollars include:

  • Investing in real estate with Arrived
  • Investing in stocks with Acorns
  • Investing in commercial real estate with Realty Mogul

1. Invest In Real Estate With Arrived

Thinking about doubling your $5,000? Investing in real estate with Arrived could be your best route. I've been investing with this platform for over a year now and I love it.

Arrived Homes Investing

This platform lets you invest in real estate with as little as $100, opening doors to the real estate market without needing a fortune.

You’ve probably heard, investing in real estate usually involves substantial capital and significant risk. But with Arrived, you get a chance to dive into residential real estate and vacation rentals, which could mean lower risk compared to going all in on a single property. Diversification is key when investing, which is why I love Arrived.

As with any investment, check in with a financial advisor to align with your risk tolerance. Real estate can be a powerful tool for increasing your wealth, especially when you leverage a platform that makes entry more accessible. Remember, no investment is foolproof, but your $5,000 might just be the seed that grows through smart, low-risk strategies like real estate.

2. Invest In Stocks With Acorns

Acorns is a platform that allows you to invest in the stock market, even if you're just starting out. It's perfect for beginners and a great way to grow your money.

Acorns Investing

When you invest in stocks, you're buying into companies with the potential to make your money grow. However, the market is unpredictable so you need to be comfortable with the level of risk.

Acorns simplifies investing by rounding up your purchases and investing the change into portfolios of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), designed to match your risk tolerance. Though not as thrilling as day trading, it's a more steady approach.

To double your $5,000, the stock market typically requires patience. The average stock market return is around 10% annually – so it could take around 7 years to double your money. Instantaneous results are rare, and the annual rate of return varies.

3. Grow Your Money With Realty Mogul

When you're looking to double your $5000, consider Realty Mogul. It's your way into commercial real estate investing without needing to buy a whole property. You can join other investors and pool your money to invest in properties.

Commercial Real Estate

While real estate can be a solid investment, remember it comes with risks like any investment. So, do your homework.

Your $5000 could grow with the income from rent and potential property appreciation. You're not a landlord, so you sidestep the hassle of direct management, but you still reap potential financial benefits.

Minimum investments start at $5000, and there are fees, so look closely at those numbers. Realty Mogul presents an avenue for you to step into real estate with a clearer path to potentially doubling your money.

4. Start A Business

Starting your own business can be a strategic way to flip your $5,000 investment. Think about a side hustle that aligns with your interests and skills. Whether it's freelance work, driving for Uber or DoorDash, or selling a unique product, your business could grow into a substantial income stream.

Remember, starting a business involves risk, but careful planning can increase the likelihood of profitability. Always create a budget and avoid dipping into retirement savings as startup capital.

Creativity and persistence are your best allies here. Any side hustle that saves money on expenses while generating income can inch you closer to that $10,000 goal. Just remain patient; most businesses take time to become profitable.

5. Invest In Real Estate Debt With Groundfloor

Groundfloor is a platform that catches the eye if you're aiming to double your $5,000 by venturing into real estate debt. You get to invest in short-term real estate debt, an exciting option if you're specifically looking at fix-and-flip projects. You can think of it like you're the bank, lending money for property renovations.

Typical loan terms with Groundfloor usually span six, nine, or twelve months. Your investment goes into funding the spruce-up of a property, which, once sold, aims to return you a profit. Groundfloor's annual returns average around 10%, which is pretty solid.

Now, remember, investing always carries risk. Groundfloor does too. Loans range from $75,000 to $750,000, but your $5,000 can still play a pivotal role. If you’re comfortable with the housing market’s ups and downs, this could be your kind of investment.

6. Flip Things

Flipping items is a practical way to potentially double your $5,000. Start by hunting for underpriced items at garage sales, thrift stores, or through online marketplaces. You're aiming for products that are in demand but sold below their market value.

Once you secure these bargains, resell them on platforms like eBay or Amazon. Retail arbitrage can be quite profitable if you choose the right items. Your investment here isn't just money for purchase, but also the time you put into finding deals and listing them online.

Be sure to keep track of your budget carefully. You can services like PayPal for secure transactions, and reinvest your profits into more inventory. Flipping is an active investment—you'll need to invest your time alongside your money. With patience and smart choices, this method can help you grow your initial $5,000.

7. Open A High Yield Account With Tellus

When you're looking to grow your $5,000, traditional bank accounts might not be the best move due to their lower interest rates. That's where Tellus comes in. They offer a high-yield cash account that could make your money work harder for you.

Tellus gives you an account with a base rate that leaves typical savings accounts in the dust. Imagine putting your money in a place where it can potentially earn 6.00% APY—this is a game-changer compared to the average 0.46% APY.

You don't have to tie up your funds like you would with an IRA or a 401(k) plan. Instead, you have the flexibility to access your cash without penalties or waiting periods, making it a quick option for saving money alongside your other investments.

The interest you rack up is paid daily, which means you see the fruits of your savings consistently, giving you a clearer view of your financial growth. Plus, it's straightforward—no need to worry about employer matches or 401(k) jargon.

With Tellus, there's a feeling of a risk-free environment since it's not mingled with the unpredictable nature of the stock market or crypto. Your savings just steadily climb, backed by something more solid: real estate. It's a more stable road to a more lucrative stash.

8. Invest In Cryptocurrency With Binance

If you're eyeing to double your $5000, getting into cryptocurrency with Binance could be a path you consider. With options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Dogecoin, you have plenty of options to get started.


Consider it a form of contract with the market—if you're prepared for the rollercoaster, make sure to strap in. Doubling money in crypto is never a guarantee; it's closer to gambling without due diligence. So, if you venture here, do so wisely.

9. Start A Blog

Starting a blog can be a creative and profitable online venture that can turn into a full-time business.

You may choose to focus on topics you're passionate about, which turns your effort into a delightful side hustle. Initially, the investment is low. You'll just need a domain name, hosting service, and your time are the primary costs.

Establishing a blog takes patience. It's not an overnight success. Yet, with consistency, you could tap into various revenue streams. You can use affiliate marketing with Amazon, sponsored content, or selling digital products.

Remember, successful blogging is a marathon. Stick with it, and you could possibly see your $5,000 double as you integrate your blog into your broader investment and retirement savings strategy.

10. Pay Off Debt

If you've got $5,000 and debt's eating into it, let's talk strategy. One smart move? Pay more than the minimum on high-interest debts. This reduces total interest and helps you save money.

Your budget is key. Know what you earn and spend, so you can find cash to clear debt. The quicker you're debt-free, the sooner you can double your money.

And interest rates – they're a big deal. A lower rate means you pay less over time. So you might look into consolidations or transfers that offer you a break on interest.

In a nutshell, tackling debt can be a low-risk path to doubling your $5,000, as long as you're savvy with your budget and savings.

11. Invest In Yourself

When contemplating how to double your $5,000, consider the timeless approach of investing in yourself. You've got a variety of routes here: furthering your education, learning new skills, or enhancing your creativity.

Allocating funds to education or skill development can often yield high returns. Think about it, the knowledge and expertise you gain translate into higher earning potential. Sure, it's not the instant doubling you might dream of, but with patience and time, you're equipping yourself to reach that goal, often surpassing it.

Your risk tolerance plays a pivotal role too. With self-investment, the risk is generally lower as you're leveraging your own dedication and drive. Go on, sign up for that course or attend that workshop. It's your time and energy that'll turn that investment into something profitable.

Remember, investing in yourself is about playing the long game. It takes time, sure, but those investments often pay off in ways that are both quantifiable and invaluable.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to double $5000 but my favorites include proven methods like real estate and the stock market. While it can take some time to double your money – there are a few ways you can double your money in 15 days or less.

Forrest McCall

Forrest is passionate about helping others grow their passive income streams so they can reach financial freedom. He has been quoted in many popular finance publications including Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and more.